How we can save money? It is a question that we all ask. However the answer is very simple, just ASK.

Each year when you receive an automatic renewal letter with a new premium, don’t ignore – give a call, you will definitely be able to save few pounds.
Use compare sites so you have an idea of what you would be paying, if you changed providers. That way you will know if you offered a good deal or you could get an even better one.

Do not be afraid to switch! It has never been easier! Your existing service provider might even be able to match the deal you been offered, which means no need to move somewhere else,
It is always worth a try.

Upgrade your mobile phone contracts as soon as you allowed to do so. DON’T leave it on rolling contact just because you don’t need a new phone, upgrade to SIM only. Remember otherwise you are still paying for your old phone.

If you are a small gas user and you want to save more money, when renewing gas plan you can ask for no standing charge. This will increase unit price slightly but you will still save money. How much you will save it depends on your existing standing charge rate. However always compare unit price with and without a standing charge to make sure you get a good deal.

When getting quotes via compare sites don’t just buy services online. Contact the provider offering the best deal and ask if they can do any better. The worst that could happen is that they say no.

So remember if you want to save money:

  • You don’t get, if you don’t ask.
  • Don’t just buy online. Always give a call and ask for a better deal and don’t feel pressured to accept new deal, ask for time to think.
  • Upgrade your mobile contract
  • Switch
  • And always shop around!

Hope it was helpful.


Ernesta Jonkute MICB. PM. Dip, Certified Bookkeeper.

01273 965681

07724 002951

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